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15 hours- 09:30- 12:20, 21 hours- 09:30-13:30, Monday to Friday.

14a Woodsley Rd, Leeds, LS3 1DT

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Pre-Intermediate - CEFRL A2+: Students learn about verbs (regular, irregular, modal, tenses and other forms), nouns and pronouns, prepositions and determiners, adjectives and adverbs, simple reported speech and conditional sentences. Extra vocabulary for everyday English.

Intermediate - CEFRL B1: At this level students learn about future forms, passives (present and past tenses), question forms, directions, agreeing and disagreeing in English, listening and reading skill development and writing informal letters.

Upper Intermediate - CEFRL B2: This Course looks at complex verb patterns, formal letters and writing, interpreting specific texts, expressing opinions and giving details about yourself and your ambitions, talking about relationships, telephoning and giving interviews.

Students are given a free placement test to detemine their level. Please come and see us to take a test.

Friday 11.30 - 1pm

197 Woodhouse Street, Leeds, LS6 2NY

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0113 245 9610

Free, intermediate ESOL (English for Speakers of Second Languages) class in Woodhouse Community Centre. Every Friday 11.30am-1pm. Call or send an email. Class will be a mixture of conversation, games, group work, 1:1 support if you need it and classroom style lessons. Everyone Welcome!!

Tuesdays 12:30 - 2:30

Stocks Hill Hub, Chapel Ln, Leeds LS12 2DJ, UK

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0113 2846290

As well as providing Englsih for adults at Leeds City College sites, the college also provides English out in the community at different centres around the city. The classes at these centres come and go but when they are running, provide a convenient and accessible English class in the local community. Please call in at the centre at the class time indicated, to find out more information about the class.

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