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Below you'll find a list of our frequently asked questions. These are the questions that we get asked most so to save time we've added them to this page so that you can check through them prior to sending us a message. If your desired question is not listed and you can't find an answer on our website then use the option to Ask a Question and we'll get back to you with an answer.

  • Where can I find up to date advice about applying for British citizenship?

    Up to date information can be found on the following link Becoming a British Citizen .
  • Where can I get help with my citizenship application?

    If you are applying for British citizenship Leeds Nationality Checking Service (NCS) can check your application for validity, copy and certify your original documents and send it on your behalf to the Home Office by secure mail. Please call 0113 222 4408 if you would like to make an appointment. NCS will take your contact details and a qualified advisor will call you within 10 working days to book your appointment.

    For more information click on the following link: Nationality Checking Service .

    You can also apply through an agent or representative, and you will have to check if the agent or representative is registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner.

    Information displayed on: Become a British Citizen is correct as of 01 May 2016.

  • Where can I study ESOL for citizenship?

    All ESOL for Citizenship classes in Leeds can be found on the LEL website. Click citizenship on the search tab (shown on the right hand side of the page) to be shown a list of classes.
  • How can I find accredited ESOL classes in Leeds?

    All accredited ESOL classes in Leeds can be found on the LEL website. Click accreditation on the search tab (shown on the right hand side of the page) to be shown a list of classes that are accredited.
  • Certificates for Visas and Immigration

    If you want to check if your certificate is valid for immigration or visa requirements, please check the UK Visa and Immigration information at the Home Office Website
  • Certificates for Work and Study

  • Where can I take the life in the UK test?

    Preparing to take the Life in the UK test

    We are not currently aware of any centres in Leeds that offer preparation courses for the Life in the UK test. (If you know of one or are one please contact us so that we can update our information.) Most people we have talked to prepare through personal study. There is a supporting book to help those who are preparing for this test - official handbook for the Life in the UK Test

    You can also find more information at

    If you are ready to take your Life in the UK test you must first of all Register for the Life in the UK account before you can choose a convenient test session and pay for the test. You will have to provide various pieces of information before you can book. You will also have to pay in advance.

    The Life in the UK Test is managed on behalf of the Home Office by Ufi Limited, a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in on-line testing and assessment. The test is conducted at around 60 Life in the UK Test Centres across the UK.

    You will be given the details of your nearest test centres by the official Life in the UK test website when you register an account.

    Book your test with the following link: Book your Test

    To find your nearest test centre: Find Nearest Test Centre

    To find out about the IELTS standard and levels: IELTS Language Levels Explained

  • Will joining an ESOL class affect my JSA?

    It is important that you consult with your Job Centre+ adviser before starting a new ESOL class to make sure your benefits won't be effected. The Job Centre+ also offer ESOL classes for jobseekers that might be available to you.
  • What is IELTS?

    IELTS is short for the International English Language Testing System.

    This is an international standardised test of English language proficiency. It is jointly managed by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP Education Pty Ltd.

    IELTS is the world’s most popular high stakes English-language test for study and work. Overseas students from most non-English speaking countries will have to do an IELTS test to prove that their English is of a particular standard in order to be admitted to UK universities.

    To find out more visit the IELTS Introduction .

  • Where can I get an IELTS class?

    All IELTS classes in Leeds can be found on the LEL website. Click IELTS in the search tab (shown on the right hand side of the page) to be shown a list of IELTS classes.
  • Can you explain the current immigration policy?

    The UK immigration rules change regularly, so it’s important to check that your information is up to date, for the most up to date information follow this link: UK Visas and Immigration .
  • Can you recommend any books/resources?

    Please check our Resources Page on the LEL website. You can access this by using the menu at the top of the page called Resources. If you hover your mouse then you'll see the relevant resources we provide. This section will continue to grow, and if you have any suggestions for resources to add please Contact Us .
  • Where can I find ESOL classes with crèche provision?

    All ESOL classes in Leeds that provide childcare can be found on the LEL website. Click childcare on the search tab (shown on the right hand side of the page) to be shown a list of classes with childcare provision.
  • What is the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee?

    In legal terms, a person who has asked for asylum in the UK and is waiting for a decision on that claim is called an asylum seeker. Someone who has received a positive decision on his or her asylum claim is called a refugee. (source Asylum Aid).

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