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Our website has several search options to help you find the information that you require. We have our main Site Search and we also have a search facility shown to the right of the page within each provider & class. You can see this on the right-hand side of each page - Click to See Example

Main Site Search

Learn about using the main site search facility and how to display the content you want.

Main Site Search

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To use the main site search feature you need to follow the simple 3 step process as detailed below:

Right-Hand Side Search

Learn about using the search module found towards the right side of most pages.

Right-Hand Side Search

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Learn about what this does:

  • Class Categories Filter
  • Class Providers Filter
  • Start Date Filter
  • Keyword Filter

To search using the right-side search module you can either click a specific item and click the search button (or press enter on your keyboard) or you can select multiple criteria such as if you wanted to search free classes and accredited courses you'd click one option then press and hold the Ctrl button (usually bottom left corner of your keyboard) and then click the other option so both highlight blue.

To search for class in a specific date range, you simply click the date range option and enter your preferred start date or alternatively you can search for all courses and classes from a specific provider by clicking their name and then pressing the search button or press enter on your keyboard.

Finally, you are able to enter free text into the keywords option which allows you to search for specific words or phrases.

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